Otto Lindner

Otto’s Skybar is dedicated to the architect Otto Lindner, founder of the Lindner Group of Companies and creative designer of the Rheinsternhaus building complex in Düsseldorf, which houses the Lindner Hotel Seestern at this spectacular location.

He founded his own freelance architect’s office in 1959, thereby laying the foundation stone on which his family’s successful company history was built. His five sons continue to run the business today. Otto Lindner had previously studied architecture at Idstein (Taunus district) and Wuppertal in the early 1950s. He subsequently worked for seven years at Walter Bau AG in Neuss as head of the Construction department. In 1963, the architect moved his office to his private home in Meerbusch. Since then, Otto Lindner has designed and realised numerous architectural projects. His clients include the medical professions in particular and he often works in close cooperation with the Apotheker- und Ärztebank (a German bank for pharmacists and doctors), the head office of which is a direct neighbour of the Lindner Hotel Seestern – also one of his designs.

Initially together with his childhood friend Hajo Hellenkamp and then alone after Hellenkamp’s death, Otto Lindner designed the 20-storey “Rheinsternhaus” office building in the early 1970s. Today it houses the Lindner Congress Hotel, the leading hotel of Lindner Hotels & Resorts. During six decades of creative and successful work, he developed and realised numerous other different project types and the highly dedicated and successful architects and engineers at Lindner are still designing, developing, renovating and building to this day. They also undertake numerous projects in the field of monument preservation for city authorities, corporations, companies, banks and also private clients. Their services cover the most diverse fields of business and represent a cross-section of their architectural work, elevating the combination of aesthetics and functionality to his core creative principle.

Among others, the architect Otto Lindner founded the former company Rheinstern Hotel GmbH in 1973, which became known as Lindner Hotels AG in 1990. The Lindner Group of Companies, which he founded, is also still active today as a service provider in the field of construction, management and marketing of various classes of property.

The Lindner family would like Otto’s Skybar to be considered a memorial to the architect, founder and family father Otto Lindner, who passed away on 1st January 2020 at the age of 90. He has successfully completed his final major project together with his colleagues from Lindner Architekten. This is because Otto Lindner had a very special connection not only to the Rheinsternhaus itself, but also to its 19th floor: For many years his office was located where the Skybar now invites you to linger.

Enjoy this extraordinary location high over the horizon of his home town, which is dedicated to his life’s work and the Rheinsternhaus!

Yours sincerely, the Lindner family